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drive safe TO WIN with trypScore

At TrypScore, we make safe driving fun! Drive safely each day to enter contests, level up, try your hand at our challenges, and compete against your friends!

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Drive safe

Driving safe with TrypScore unlocks a lot of amazing app features, including rewards, new levels, and that proud feeling of knowing you’re contributing to safer roads for all.

Visit the Home tab in the app to see your progress, rewards, and more!

Get to the top

Compete against your friends, family, or the world for the best driving scores with TrypScore’s leaderboard feature.

Receive a score

After each Tryp, you’ll receive a score based on your acceleration, braking, speeding, phone use, and more! Your scores are for your eyes only and won’t ever be sold or shared.

Track your progress

Gain valuable tips on how to improve your driving in each area and watch your score improve throughout the week, month, or year!

Earn streaks when you complete back to back Tryps with a safe score in each area.

Add pyns to badges

Complete badges to win a variety of different prizes! Take a Tryp to collect Pyns in your area and then add them to your badges. 

win prizes for every completed badge!

You can win prizes such as bonus XP, bonus contest entries, and even gift cards!

Earn & Collect pyns

When you receive a great TrypScore, you’ll unlock the ability to collect Pyns! Pyns get you closer to earning rewards, allow you to enter contests, earn badges and more!

Find rewards in your neighborhood

TrypScore works with Partners that share our vision for safer communitites. Partners that offer Pyns help us reward you for driving safely!

Challenge yourself

Whether you drive often or not, TrypScore offers Challenges for everybody! Play the Daily Trivia, participate in Weekly Missions, or enter Contests! Gain XP and earn rewards like choosing a gift card of your choice!

drive free for a year

TrypScore has a variety of contests running daily, weekly, monthly, and annually! This year’s annual contest gives you the chance to win big with TrypScore paying for your vehicle payments, gas, and insurance for an entire year!*

*Terms and conditions apply

Level up to win

For each safe Tryp or Challenge you complete, you’ll earn XP towards levelling up! At each level, earn bonus rewards and a turn at playing our Level Up to Win mini-game! Scratch and win gift cards, access to exclusive contests, bonus XP, and more!

higher levels earn more rewards

As you unlock higher levels, you’ll earn even more chances to win! Receive larger bonus rewards and extra scratch and win chances with each new level you achieve!


Enter TrypScore’s latest Contests and Challenges to win big just by driving safely.

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Start earning Pyns, XP, and amazing rewards just by driving safely.