The Story Behind TrypScore

In 2020, the United States hit its highest reported number of fatalities from motor vehicle accidents since 2007. There was a 7.2% increase in traffic deaths when compared to the year prior, despite the significant decline in driving during the COVID-19 Pandemic. To make matters worse, changing driver behaviour has been limited to punishment like speeding tickets or insurance premium increases.

After years of poor results, the founders of TrypScore knew it was time for something different!

TrypScore is a mobile app that offers real rewards to users who practice safe driving; initiating a preventative and proactive solution to combat the spike in vehicle collisions annually.

Together with Corporate Partners, TrypScore aims to reduce motor vehicle collisions and fatalities by engaging users in a gamified experience that makes safe driving fun. Users collect Pyns, participate in challenges, win gift cards, level up, and earn a variety of other rewards for driving safely in their communities.

TrypScore also aims to bring recognition to Corporate Partners who share our vision for safer roads by incentivizing users to safely drive by or visit their locations in exchange for rewards.



TrypScore believes that each and every driver on the road can make a difference in working towards a future without vehicle collisions. We needed to find a new way to create change in society that didn't involve drivers being handed out tickets or having their insurance premium raised.


TrypScore works to accomplish its mission by incentivizing positive and proactive safe driving behaviors. Users that drive safely are rewarded with gift cards, exclusive access to contests, and more! The better you drive, the more rewards you can earn.


Working together with our Rewards Partners, our Users, and our Communities, TrypScore can help make a difference in reducing the high number of vehicle collisions and fatalities that society sees today. Our ultimate goal is to help build safer communities and safer drivers.

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Start earning Pyns, XP, and amazing rewards just by driving safely.