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TrypScore is working with state safety offices, municipalities, law enforcement, driver educators, insurance groups, and researchers to deliver anonymized safety data on driver risk events. Our data clusters are filtered by event type, age, gender, area, time of day, and much more. Find out how we can help you get access to real-time driver risk data so together we can reduce collisions and save lives!

Come visit us at booth 505 to learn about how you can aid in creating safer roads as an advertiser, safety organization, educator, employer, or community member. Click below to enter our GHSA attendee exclusive giveaway of a $250 gift card of your choice!

proud partners in driver safety

Medidas Digital, the creators of TrypScore, are proud members and partners of organizations dedicated to driver education, research, and road safety.

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Safety Partners

TrypScore collects and distributes driver risk data via a subscription-based service to increase the effectiveness of partner safety campaigns. We utilize heat-mapped areas of risk and the continuous measurement of event frequency in real-time to let you know if your initiative is making an impact.

The TrypScore Data Dashboard presents global, national, state/province, or street-level risk data for use by governments, insurance, law enforcement, municipal planners or safety divisions. Research projects can also utilize filtered data like never before to analyze location, age, gender, or event information in a private, compliant, real-time manner.

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driving educators

Let’s take driver education to the next level by combining forces! We work with leading driving schools across the United States to incentivize and engage families during the driver education process. TrypScore strengthens existing driver education programs as an additional level of education and gamification in between sessions. Our co-marketing program allows your students and families to access TrypScore and utilize leading-edge technology to differentiate you from the competition, while you earn passive revenue for every student referral.

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TrypScore App Features

Drive safe and earn rewards

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Driving safe with TrypScore unlocks rewards, new levels, and that proud feeling of knowing you're contributing to safer roads for all!

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Whether you drive often or not, TrypScore offers Challenges for everybody! Play the Daily Tryvia, participate in Weekly Missions, or enter contests. Gain XP and earn rewards like choosing a gift card of your choice!

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For each Tryp or Challenge you complete, you'll earn XP towards levelling up! At each level, earn bonus rewards and a turn at playing our Level Up to Win mini-game. Scratch and win gift cards, access to exclusive contests, bonus XP, and more!

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Compete against your friends, family, or the world for the best driving scores with TrypScore's leaderboard app feature.


Start earning Pyns, XP, and amazing rewards just by driving safely.


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Whether you represent a safety organization,  corporation, or are involved in driver education, there’s a unique TrypScore partnership opportunity available. Get in touch to discuss how TrypScore can aid your safety initiatives while building a safer future for all drivers.